In this section I will try to display all existing types of court fees (CF), revenues and stamped  papers (RSP) including other related items from each state. I have improved and reorganized the images. Now the revenues are listed first, then revenue stamp papers and related material. In the cases of displaying the ruler's portrait also the full name of ruler is written. In many cases, not recorded items are also listed. They are from my collection or from other sources such as eBay listings and various auction catalogs. All images are arranged under specific categories such as court fee, copy fee, revenue and so on. They are arranged consequently according to types in Koeppel-Manner's catalogue in each category and new types are listed too. I also display overprints which are not listed as new type for better identification. All images are identified by type and number, which should be correct. They are of mainly large resolution (if from my collection) and I reduced its size to fit near one page (100-300 dpi). So please be patient for downloading the images. But errors are possible, please, if you find some, inform me.

I thank these collectors which allowed me to display some images there :

Ing. Miroslav Češka  Czech republic
Forrest Shoemaker USA
Ron Rice USA
David Heppell Canada
Anil Kumar India
Abhijit Malwade India
Abdul Mollah India

    The alphabetical list is long and therefore is placed on separate page.